I am working on an English version of this website. Until it is ready, Let me tell you a bit about why I started Holmquist Consult and where you can read more about my work in English.

I have broad experience in the library field. I am an educated librarian and have been working in many different leadership positions in libraries in Denmark and New Zealand. I am also an international keynote speaker, advocacy adviser and consultant. Having collected this experience since the beginning of the decade, I have now combined all this work with jumping into the start-up world as an independent consultant and making a real consultancy firm to do so.

I am happy to help and mentor you as a leader, be a consultant on your self-service library project or develop a learning program with you and your organisation. I am also strong on developing a strategy in cooperation with the whole organisation and helping you in taking that strategy from words to real impact for your organisation and your community.

Send me a message and let us meet via Zoom, Skype or your preferred video conferencing system. We bring our own coffee to the meeting. When we meet up in real life, I am buying the next cup for you.

I am looking forward to working with you. Until then check out my English blog here.

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